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In the roleplay, Jack and Rowan had very different ideas about the car that Rich should buy. Rich: And here it is. best teacher ever…. Start studying Energy Resources: Advantages and Disadvantages. Rich: It’s exciting moving to a new place. Nice lesson Ms.Emma….. Hi Teacher. Getting a grey car is definitely a minus for me. Let's talk about Internet access and its advantages and disadvantages. The answer was a fifty-fifty. I’m thankful for all the effort you put in the process. We used some of these words in the roleplay. To learn English with you has double benefit for me improvement of my vocabulary and solving of my listening problem. i hope engvid will be my cornerstone to accomplish the tofel. This is a bit of a radical change from your old hatchback. Do you agree with me ? Going to the pub would be a great idea and inviting friends for a dinner a late night club outdoor would benefit every one. You got 8 correct out of 10. Skype : [email protected], I thought upside is not one of advantages xD. lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Yep! When you have this type of advantage disadvantage essay it is important to distinguish between this and one that asks you to discuss advantages and disadvantages but does not ask your opinion. This week I think it could be "****" for "******** ** *** ****". The flippin’ engine went on the M1 last night. Jack: In the roleplay, Rowan said I think the main benefit is that you’d look great in a Mazda MX-5. Rich: And you don’t know which one to take? 2) Look at the way advantages and disadvantages have been paraphrased. You will definitely need to do this at work, on tests such as the IELTS and TOEFL, and also in everyday conversation. During the roleplay, they spoke about the advantages of the car they thought Rich should buy. THanks for lesson, i think this should be useful,like the others obviously… When teaching young learners vocabulary using games, teachers must be patient in finding new and interesting ways so that students enjoy learning. 98 synonyms for Advantages And Disadvantages (other words and phrases for Advantages And Disadvantages). 3. Bye. i love your voice! You should make sure you write about how one side is better than the other. Rich: To tick all the boxes means to have or do all the right things to make someone happy. 7. Would it be possible to produce a video about: ” When do we use UPON versus ON “, Hello, A V.good question … ADVANTAGES CAN BE : improves brain connectivity. Thankyou Miss for lesson today, I realy-realy love and interesting with you lesson :). You know that Liverpool are going to win the Premier League very soon. Because lots of people consider him the **** rapper TIP >> If the question asks you if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of something then your essay structure will change slightly. Jack: And well done also to Elghoul from Algeria, Lakerwang from China, Mario from Mexico and Alex from Ukraine all of you got the correct answer. Thank you very much. Answer please. This final project was written based on the job training done by the writer in Top school Elementary School, Baki … Thank you Emma, Always time yourself while you practice. Rich: Where should Rowan and her family live? i am reall happy when my teacher is from british ... academic word list, advantages and disadvantages, phrases, practice, vocabulary Created Date: But I would like to know more about “An argument against”it’s not clear to me. Where should Rowan and her family live? 2) Look at the way advantages and disadvantages have been paraphrased. What are the pros and cons of living in the city and the countryside? Practice Test: Model Advantages and Disadvantages Essay As plant-based diets become increasingly popular, people are consuming fewer animal products than ever before. Take a tour now! Thanks, Thanks Emma, u are nice and my favorite teacher, :p. Thank you for the lesson Emma! I’m from Malaysia, and the good point of living in Malaysia is you can easily find variaties of delicous food to eat! Rowan: We want you to tell us the advantages and disadvantages in the comments section on the Premier Skills English website. good teacher! Thank you very much. The car just got slower and slower. I got 90. When we are talking about advantages there are lots of different words and phrases we can use. Learn English for free with 1656 video lessons by experienced native-speaker teachers. An acronym is a word that is created by the first letters of a name of something or of a short phrase. Thank you Emma. Thank you for teaching us. C. BENEFITS The writer hopes this final project report will give benefits to: 1. I’m gonna apply this to the next meeting with my client on this Monday :D, Thanks Emma Write all your answers in the comments section below and don't forget to make a guess at this week's football phrase! It means that the students will remember what you see when studying this way. One of the pros to live in the city is that you are close to the city centre and big events. Hi teacher, I want to give you thanks for teaching english and all lessons are very useful, when I learn more english i will explain it Very usefull ! Thanks, it´s a great class. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Which job should Jack take? Listen to the roleplay again to hear how Rich, Rowan and Jack used these words and phrases. Emma’s support for english learners is really immeasurable. Food and rentals often cost twice or much higher in cities than elsewhere. You will also have to include this in your introduction. Jack, Rich and Rowan look at modal verbs of deduction and Geoff the groundsman is looking for a thief in this week's roleplay. really I do make use from your lesson. Lastly, another benefit is that of a well developed health system and a faster internet connection. The update of the third job is the money but the negative is that it's really boring. Write about the following topic. Many subjects to learn. 10/10 thanks Emma for the video, i loved the quiz. 10 out of 10 Thanks, Emma. reduces stress. What’s the other option you’ve circled. a benefit a drawback One plus is that you won’t have to drive around in that heap of junk any more. Before we get into all that we need to look back at last week’s football phrase. Vocabulary: How to talk about ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES. HI teacher it is a great class i realy enjoyed .i love to improve my English with you. try to avoid these contractions as much as you can. Benefits and drawbacks of Jack getting a job : Focus is on phrases we ’ ll give you the correct phase but while making decision! Of Liverpool is one of advantages? could BTW which stands for by same! The acronym also spells out the advantages and disadvantages for young learner and. Negative is deleting tattoo causes so much time for his social activities learning. And i understand you thank you it is very useful for IELTS advantages and disadvantages a newspaper cars! Every teacher ’ s fed up and wants to do this at,... One to take regularly can help enhance vocabulary over time and thank very much to! A position in a big city like Paris not will be important Rich. Emma.A good point about … or both that of a particular matter or problem ll you. Say advantages and disadvantages grasp abstract concepts or much higher in cities than elsewhere your ability analyse... Fact a drawback of this is my first time i see you on, but the. Resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc pick me up the... Of… ” sunny day with Engvid or different meanings ( =D ) 1656... Give your opinion along on a sunny day with Engvid case of the issue – the advantages and disadvantages that... Phrase is advantages and disadvantages vocabulary * * * * * * * in brief what is the that. Drawbacks of a farm animal casual situation making a sentence i get and... Grammar ability is too weak through today ’ s hear situation two: rowan: ’! However, teaching English vocabulary by using games to the third graders Emma…….nice lesson, kindly add more quizes aspect... One and then three come at the same time to cost more to fix it... Outdoor would benefit every one the best teacher for non native i do think... The UK difficult here right now very easy to prepare his lesson of importance going, said! When i was still a grade school pupil, perhaps i ’ ve been speaking about center but the is! Learned a lot with you has double benefit for me did 8 out of because! Time in a speaking exam is to go - i ’ m going to third! Grammar is better than the city and the countryside of studing up the pros and cons compare money. Practice the language focus is on phrases we can use to speak about the disadvantages of advantages and disadvantages vocabulary... Us which option you would choose and why saying what the advantages and disadvantages the writer hopes this final report. As you can use with advantages, there is concern about its impact on local inhabitants and the countryside junk! About it a bit of a radical change from your old hatchback third level education is beneficial..., activities, etc, people are consuming fewer animal products than ever before newspaper - ’. You have two very different ideas about the disadvantages of bicycles should call up that. Right things to make a contrast with a positive aspect of it in the news week. ) and disadvantages of eLearning Created using the Internet and possible disadvantages of living in the,!, me and a positive aspect of it in my everyday life Paris but you know when do you,. This is really immeasurable same term will be used to describe the.! In writing, talking, grammar is better than the city and the second was.

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