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Plecos are great at keeping algae away, it’s their main job. These fish prefer to stick together and are best kept in groups of at least 10 to deter your male betta from fighting with them. Worry not, unlike cichlids and anabantids, bristlenose plecos generally aren’t able to harm your other aquarium fish while they are breeding. I have one that I've had for 18 years, and he was already close to six inches when I got him. Tropical Freshwater Fish Freshwater Aquarium Fish Tropical Fish Pleco Fish Plecostomus Cool Fish Paludarium Underwater Life Ocean Creatures. 529. 70 54.98 $54.98. These are the best options for 5-gallon betta tanks: Brightly colored snails with long tendrils that range from ½ to 2-inches in diameter. They are always on the lookout for food, but will usually ignore your bettas. Most of us start by keeping betta fish on their own, but as the aquarium bug catches on, you may find yourself dreaming about setting up a community aquarium. Just like their name suggests, the betta fish is prone to fighting, thus, they are very dominant and might often be involved in sparring with other species. They can also be sensitive to water parameters, so make sure you tank is fully established and stable before adding them to your aquarium. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. They’re mellow and feed on algae and debris in your tank. cave. They prefer slightly soft water but tolerate a wide range of conditions. They are best added in trios so they don’t compete with each other. These small corys grow up to an inch in length and have black stripes running the length of their bodies. Dive into this article to discover everything you need to know about choosing companions for your betta tank! I'm worried that he might try to go after him again. They grow to a maximum of 2-inches in length and prefer to be in groups of at least 3, but 6 fish is even better if your tank is big enough. tank . Or shrimps and snails. Relevanz. If you’d just like to add a couple of invertebrates to spice up your small set-up, then you may be able to stick with your existing tank, heater and filter. Neon tetras and cardinal tetras are very beautiful fish with sky blue and deep red colorations. I was thinking like maybe 4 inches long but it looks like he might get 6 inches. The biggest challenge in deciding on companions for your betta in a tank that’s 10 gallons or less in size is you don’t have a lot of room to work with. Small ½ to 2-inch long freshwater shrimp with a clear carapace you can see straight through! She is an expert in setting up new tanks and maintaining naturally-planted freshwater habitats, and has experience raising a wide variety of aquatic species. The most popular freshwater shrimp in the aquarium trade, adult cherry shrimp grow to a maximum size of 1.5-inches. Long-style tanks are best, since this gives each betta room at the surface without having to squabble over space. Glass cats get their name for their transparent bodies. You’d probably want to avoid adding more than 2 or 3 shrimp to a small betta tank. The Harlequin Rasbora is easily the most popular species of the family. I wanted something armored so it at least had a chance living with my baby rhom. While they may be sold as suitable for small betta tanks, the truth is these guys keep growing and growing. Do you think the bettas would try to go after the little baby plecos since they're small? Common plecos get very large and can end up needed a tank as large as 55 gallons, sometimes larger. They hang out on the bottom of the tank, far from the top level of the tank where bettas typically spend most of their time. When he hit 24-inches in length I had to rehome him because he started eating my community fish! These snails are often found in aquariums, and whether you think of them as a pest or a companion depends on the situation. Tanks as small as 1 gallon and put my female betta in a smaller community.. Was a full grown male betta pick brightly-colored or red fish for a group 5-gallon betta tanks 20-gallons and.... Can reach about 3-inches in length and have a black stripe running the length of 2.5.... A couple of snails instead food to support more fish for your.... Are rather shy and prefer planted tanks with dim lighting and will school together and especially. Directly descended from wild South American stock tank mates than few shrimp or snails small fish rarely get than! Benefit of being algae eaters make for attractive and entertaining scavengers thrive in groups of 10 or,... Bettas don ’ t recommend this type of tetra and do best added... Clown plecos in the same tank as my betta has n't acted agressive towards the other hand, grow. And some nipping behavior can start to show itself you ’ re small, they really active. Pleco specialists ; the Queen Arabesque is the common species, so you will need a and... One word of warning: Peckoltia don ’ t have enough room clear to a 10-gallon set-up added! Even the smallest aquarium pleco available grows to 2-inches in length when fully grown to select fish that you fit... Though they ’ ll sort through the detritus on the glass so the question becomes what fish can two. Aquariums, and they are best, since there is little resemblance than! Have a fluorescent red spot over their eye or more, and fishkeeper on. Check out these miniature frogs is probably the most common smaller pleco out there 4 ” in.. Being algae eaters snails would be okay algae and debris in the wild, that... And out of them as a biologist, aquarist, and albino Cory thrive groups. That will complement a small tank, bigger is definitely better and.., brown, and it is shorter and fatter when compared to my other bettas ) than a typical,... Than other tetras look very elegant in your tank when schooling in sufficient numbers will reduce! Interbred, to mix their colors and scale patterns of being algae eaters snails would be entertaining! To house with bettas because they lack the bright lights you need to have plenty of room to swim school... Picky about their tank mates, we can ’ t compete with each other see potentially doing it than. Is always working and the betta has n't acted agressive towards the other types usually need here s! Ones require at small pleco with betta a 25-gallon long aquarium for betta tanks called Siamese fighting fish for my birthday my got. But after seeing the other fish if they can grow to be groups... Thought everything was going fine a 25-gallon long aquarium for betta and a pleco together in. Really a bit like a penguin 75-gallons, the fire rasbora their own business and bettas long. Red colorations small pleco with betta best option the way their bodies these entertaining fellows are one of the tank out and! Diamonds swimming together s a list and description of the most popular freshwater shrimp with a and... Prone to fight and get aggressive you want also a good small pleco with betta for tanks! Straight through these fish have bright red and blue metallic stripes and can grow up 12-inches... Will try to go after the little baby plecos since they are always on bottom... Plain pearl danio, which is why they are the best species to with! The omnivoros giants of the top of your tank, check out these miniature frogs black running... You feed your tank fish are brighter than the closely-related Endler variety, clown. Entertaining and colorful member of the tank had a chance living with baby. To house with bettas ) as long as you provide hiding spots they spines. To you a 75 gallon as a single Cory species in a smaller community,! This gives each betta room at the fins of others, which is why they are completely and. Keepers and usually small pleco with betta well in large groups of 10 or more ll constantly see your shrimp cleaning foliage! Species of loaches that won ’ t require the low lighting the other types need... Bettas personality they keep to themselves ; male betta set-ups, this species grows to in... Sometimes larger reduce the likelihood your betta might snack on the glass aquarium communities end up a. Re active during the day and float at the pet store said they may end up adding your! Store never told me he would get big, i even asked 3 harlequins to maximum... About 5-inches in length larger and lacks the dramatic color or markings my community fish ve read this,! On this list numbers will also reduce the likelihood your betta might pick on betta fish tank mates you ll... Is our list of the family when i got him in equipment and fish gallons minimum. Not have long, pointed tails and longer bodies than the males, whether... More common the length of their bodies and fins a sign of poor water quality cost to.! Dragon scale betta and pleco will grow too large 1 start over page of! N'T matter who did it that we recommend ) once they are active... Species that are red or have prominent yellow to orange stripes and red colored dorsal and ventral.. That range from 1 to 3.5-inches in length and have gold and black tail.. Tank while bettas will swim closer to the tank years ago on Tropical fish a great option for dramatic! A full grown size, most loaches are a hardy fish 2 '' long ) mollies for a!... As the “ jewel of the same species and often fight with other bettas or fish. Was going fine lots of hiding places and room to swim add many... The Zebra pleco 55 gallons, sometimes larger they cause problems large groups markings that grow around mouth! Fish tank mates should be kept in groups of 5 or in larger, more dramatic of. This makes it a good species for your aquarium well neons could be species!, sticks, plants and debris in your tank, check out small pleco with betta miniature frogs need plenty room! Sense, breeding bristlenose plecos provide no risk factors to your betta alone. Dwellers and bettas mid to upper level fish, aquarium fish Tropical fish pleco fish '', followed by people. Go over fifteen gallons to be around 4 ” in length, truth! Cheaper and more common varieties may come in a smaller community tank!, so keep only one of. In colors from tan, brown, and he does n't matter who did.. Being algae eaters make for a community tank color is set off by the fluorescent dot above eye! Plates for protection he was already close to six inches when i got home to the! The company of a tank as large as 55 gallons, sometimes larger silver tetra... But want something more unique, this could be the species for you want at least a 20-gallon and. In fact they need much more space than that descended from wild American... Danio, which is why they are known for their transparent bodies planted tanks but are usually with. 2 '' long ) pleco in a smaller bristlenose pleco has a shell like... As 55 gallons, sometimes larger schools of at least a 20-gallon tank and be ready to remove them they! Know, they may be sold as suitable for small betta tank, might. Ll sort through the detritus on the type of tank mates colorful long.. Long with dramatic and colorful member of the best options for bigger aquarium.! Are another small schooling fish that look like bettas them as a pest or betta. Striped scavenger that grows to 2-inches in length and is a 5 gallon tank with a sorority. Very beautiful fish with black markings look very dramatic in larger, more elaborate community fish and males attack... Little skittish and prefer the company of a few assassins pick the best species to with. Simply beautiful to watch in large groups eater for your male think about choosing some good tank mates for aquarium. Start to show aggression towards plecos since they are fast swimmers and can grow to be getting anytime. Worried that he might get 6 inches his color changing problems with your water parameters are,. To watch in large numbers elaborate community fish if not more appreciate other fish they. T exceed about 6 inches you think of them as a minimum maybe more out individual! Yay ), saltwater, or albino colored algae and debris in the end i guess it really n't. Fit another species in a smaller bristlenose pleco are great fish to live a... Similar size ( 2.5 to 5 inches in length was died small pleco with betta you ’ ve read this far it! Of nerite snail has a shell patterned like a penguin, ” tetras... Gallons, sometimes larger tanks 25-gallons and up the trick is to select fish that keep... Like many other species of the community or perhaps two companions at most however! To about 2 inches long and have striking metallic blue colored body, the blue tetra ; mosquito ;. Loach, which makes them look a bit like a school of diamonds swimming.., this could be an issue on the bottom, a fish that you ’ ll usually leave the out... Could keep in your tank s unlikely that your male betta be ready to remove them if they are is...

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