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I have the fortunate opportunity to live and work in the same community. Population: 27,062Rank Last Year: 7 (Up 1)Median Home Value: $110,100 (12th best)Unemployment Rate: 6.6% (13th best)More on Wheeling: Real Estate | Crime Report | Cost Of Living. your eating habits, and ignore environmental toxins, from poisons and vented gasses and wells contaminating your backyards to drinking it from the rivers. I don’t see it anymore. Median Home Value: $78,500 (worst) They are loaded with cops running wild. We compiled a list of which places in West Virginia are the least wild and wonderful to live in so you don't have to find out for yourself. And when you're not busy making the city's median income of $55,833/year, there's tons of fun to be had here. All interaction with folks in WV have been wonderful. The crime rate is below the national average with a majority of the crimes reported property related.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'homesnacks_com-leader-1','ezslot_13',112,'0','0'])); Population: 7,333Rank Last Year: 9 (Up 2)Median Home Value: $98,400 (15th best)Unemployment Rate: 5.0% (5th best)More on Dunbar: Real Estate | Crime Report | Cost Of Living. In fact, we hear that a day trip to the historic Mud River Covered Bridge is a must! Your email address will not be published. Unemployment Rate: 6.8% (13th worst) I’d say WV is a pretty good place to live & raise a family! Charleston has a horrible infrastructure. Plus the school system here in Jefferson County is really great, the people are really nice, you can get out of the rat race that is the D.C. Metro area , and it’s just so pretty here. I moved here and question my own sanity for staying . Though the town is small by national standards, boasting just 7,072 residents, Elkins, West Virginia, served as regional economic hub during the late 19th and early 20th century. Your email address will not be published. You can’t go anywhere without seeing druggies with their babies on street corners shooting up with the others. You have zeal Mart and the outside mall and a lot of places to eat, so come and see obesity at its finest and take your camera to Wal Mart and you might get some interesting shots. And, Vienna's low hanging fruit does disappoint either. We're aware that people enjoy outdoor activities, but in terms of pure entertainment, you'd have to drive a ways away. More on Huntington:  Data | Photos. The drainage system is,way out dated for the population of the city. I’m very happy to live in a place with a fairly low population density I live in rural Edgefield County South Carolina at the moment. I can live without “entertainment”. It's now home to several aerospace companies and many oil and gas companies; so, when you see that $222,800 price tag for a home here, don't shed a tear, the median income in Bridgeport is $84,382/year.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'homesnacks_com-box-4','ezslot_6',109,'0','0'])); Bridgeport has some pretty great schools, too. I have lived in Illinois, Florida, Washington state, Japan, Guam, and now I am in Kentucky..Originally, I was in West Virginia. Who determines what distance short is. No, this is not meant to be an insult, but basic skills are a necessity, not an option. It definately could use some updating in curb appeal but other than that it’s like anywhere else. My friend lives a few cities up north of Wheeler. How you going to tell me the town that’s safer than 97% of cities and towns in the country is bad? As noted in other comments, these list really cause one to question anything in the media. We then took the average rank across all criteria, with the city posting the lowest overall score being crowned the winner of the title "Best Place To Live In West Virginia". My family is mixed, I’m white but my wife is black and mixed daughter, nobody says anything to me but my wife gets all the racist comments at the Walmarts, restaurants or gas stations we stop in when passing through. Battlefield, the safest city in Missouri, reported only one violent crime and 41 property crimes in 2018. Slavery is live and well in the democrat party. Nothing for kids to do. The author is as much of a scientist as a salesman calling himself “honest John” is honest. Additionally, the poverty level is 20.7% in Moundsville. I am so surprised that Beckley tops the list for the worst places to live. I don’t have to crunch numbers to prove that Beckley is a way better place to live than Welch either, I’ve simply driven through them…. It hosts several annual events, such as the Augusta Heritage Festival. I live among some of the finest people doing their best to restore the city to greatness. He originally worked for Movoto Real Estate as the director of marketing before founding HomeSnacks. Unemployment Rate: 7.3% (9th worst) The actual truth is that he is basing his opinions on limited facts. Cory your post of needles men and homeless people seem to describe every city in the us not just wv. beckley is a great place to live!! Please understand that just because someone cannot perform the above observation’s means they are unworthy of being heard, but if anyone is expecting to be taken seriously, they had better come across as being at LEAST somewhat literate. High crime rate. We aim to deliver infotainment about where you live that your real estate agent won't tell you. Seems like everyone is in agreement, nobody agrees with you! Have I made my point here? So Beckley is the worst and Welch doesn’t even make the list? I have to agree with this article, I have been all over the USA and West Virginia has to be the most racist, unintelligent state I have ever been in. Maybe you should look in the mirror. Read on for a detailed look at the 10 worst cities in West Virginia. Still, if you want a taste of city life, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is less than two hours away. You have not visited all the towns and community’s in Wv… by the way.. southern Wv still exists…. I grew up in wv and one of the guys I grew up with married a black woman. NO place is “IT”, and will never be. Population: 10,348Rank Last Year: 2 (No Change)Median Home Value: $134,900 (6th best)Unemployment Rate: 3.7% (2nd best)More on Vienna: Real Estate | Crime Report | Cost Of Living. Median Home Value: $81,100 (2nd worst) Wow I am surprised Jefferson County towns are not on the list like Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry and Charles Town for best to live. Lol you and you situation DOES NOT reflect the masses who live in the area. I wouldn’t bury my dog in that state it is run down and dirty in Charleston and they have a big drug problem. You won't trouble finding a job here, either, as the unemployment rate is the 4th best in West Virginia at 4.8%. Most of life is rough, somewhat uncultured and rustic. West Virginia defines itself by its natural beauty, as the state slogan, "Wild and Wonderful," shows. The doctor works at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. The MARC Train connects it with DC, the AMTRAK connects it with DC and Chicago, and it is on the junction of two great highways, RT 45 and RT 81. Specifically, we analyzed research out of Virginia Commonwealth University that mapped the Klans in each area and gave a history of their recruitment from 1915-1940. We can be in Frederick MD, Hagerstown MD, or Winchester VA within 30-45 minutes and D.C. Like an hour and 15 minutes. To put that in perspective a more reputable source found that Huntington is educated, culturally elevated above the state of WV, and the economy is out pacing most of the entire state. Ridgeley is so bad off it isn’t even listed in the statistics. wind speeds 261-318 mph) tornado 44.7 miles away from the Charleston city center killed 7 people and injured 93 people and caused between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in damages. So to create our ranking, we broke places to live into three tiers: This left us with 26 cities, 127 towns, and 176 small towns. Charleston is a river town nestled in the hills with lots to do! Do you care if there is a downtown? If you're looking at areas in West Virginia with the worst economic situations, where there's higher than average crime, and not a lot to do, this is an accurate list. South Charleston is not only one of the most affordable cities in the state, there are a bunch of great schools here and cool stuff to do. To help keep our city safe, any resident can receive a free face mask at City Hall. He believes the key to finding the right place to live comes down to looking at the data, reading about things to do, and, most importantly, checking it out yourself before you move. Downtown Charleston. Population: 30,712Rank Last Year: 4 (Down 1)Median Home Value: $210,300 (2nd best)Unemployment Rate: 9.7% (20th best)More on Morgantown: Real Estate | Crime Report | Cost Of Living. It didn’t mention the amount of deaths due to drugs. Specifically, your decision to use the unfortunate picture of Belington was a “infotainment” injustice given the options of solid building structures. 60% of the cities limited violent crime to less than one incident per 1,000, with Coopertown boasting the lowest violent crime rate, 0.2. You embarrass yourself and are not taken seriously. Population: 15,553 Teays Valley has a post office but its name is Scott Depot. You can live comfortably in Charleston on an income of around $55,000, and the median home value here is $336,500, says Zillow. For sure Clarksburg is at the bottom of the trash can.Most every store is for sale/rent. I have lived in Beckley for 31 years and have enjoyed the peacefulness of the area. In name only. Just the most alcohol joints in an area I’ve ever seen. In this part of the state we have Martinsburg, Shepardstown, Charles Town, and Harper’s Ferry. This is our seventh time ranking the. Rank Last Year: 2 (Down 1) Try using critical thinking and use this website for what it is: something to get an idea on places and going to the places to make your own judgment. Two different real estate agents told us that prices were elevated due to the fracking and oil companies in the area. Smart and wealthy, folks? Yes, I have been the WV many times and DO like my visits there. And second…it’s WEST VIRGINIA…most of this state is rural…there isn’t going to be a “short commute” from the front door to the end of the driveway… And based on your lead-in to the top 10 Worst Cities in WV, the rest of the criteria you used is bogus as well. The issues is not the state the issue is the drugs the unemployment rate and the fact the government is supporting all this is a shame. GOD BLESS YOU! The whole town makes a citizen feel a defence mode . Please do your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a face mask in public. For more West Virginia reading, check out: Population: 6,482Rank Last Year: 3 (Up 2)Median Home Value: $151,600 (4th best)Unemployment Rate: 4.2% (3rd best)More on Hurricane: Real Estate | Cost Of Living. Meanwhile, life in Elkins is affordable. They know nothing about the real West Virginia and nothing about some great small towns. Yet, we all know with certainty that some places in West Virginia are more wonderful than others. Clarksburg is a very nice city and has the far best bakery in the state. I am a citizen of Philippi, WV, the 4th worst place to live according to your “science.” Your secondary analysis of the data isn’t in question. Clarksburg has no entertainment of any sort. But not all state capitals are created equal. and Pittsburgh, PA. Philippi, when compared to the expensive housing and dense traffic in other areas, Barbour County is a welcomed change of pace. In terms of number of crimes per person, Parkersburg is certainly up there. Probably why they moved there from the other “not so cheap” states to live, because they HAVE REGULAR INCOME. How can you discuss the education of the ten cities’ populations when you can’t write properly? No one listens to babbling illiteracy. The semi-good news is that Grafton boasts the lowest unemployment in West Virginia, but with the 6th lowest median income in-state, residents might find this statistic bittersweet. Just like DC. To put this in perspective, there were only 251 recorded at the time of this report. It looks like a really nice small town. New Martinsville is located in northwestern West Virginia, along the Ohio River, right across from the state of the same name. in the classroom, his dad was a CPA with an MBA and our son is also a CPA with an MBA! When we moved to Charlotte they were at least 1/2 year ahead of the public school education in Charlotte. And before you get all riled up and say we're picking on small town America, that's not the case. Maybe in your libtard utopia that you have cocooned yourself with you can believe that BS, the rest of us will just hang out in our small towns waiting for something terrible to happen! WHAT MAP DID YOU USE? "I wasn't expecting to really feel much getting the vaccine emotionally," Matuskowitz, 37, told CNN. Crime is everywhere and in today’s society a town should be judged on so much more. I guess it serves as good click bait, but it fails to get at the heart of what’s ailing some WV cities. I am a retired teacher after 34 yrs. We ranked each place in West Virginia across a number of criteria from one to 26, with one being the best. The color of your wife didn’t have anything to do with anything. It is home to the University of Louisville and is a busy air cargo hub. Mary Beth Cecil. How did you decide what makes your variables good or bad? Where are these places you wonder? Robert Byrd, a democrat, was the best thing that happened to WV. Would someone please just respond to this email by telling me why on earth someone feels the need to write articles about the “worst” ANYTHING?? He believes the key to finding the right place to live comes down to looking at the data, reading about things to do, and, most importantly, checking it out yourself before you move. Need I make any more suggestions? Leave while you can, because once your sick, its forever! The city's home prices, low cost of living, and low crime rate are as sweet as an apple, too. Just watch out for all the heroin needles on public sidewalks, parking lots and parks all around town. You never even mentioned Ripley. 6,482) For more West Virginia reading, check out: Richest Cities In West Virginia; Safest Places … Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2021. Now I will move on to your comment about South Charleston being northwest of Charleston. If you're looking at areas in West Virginia with the best economic situations, where there's lower than average crime, and a lot to do, this is an accurate list. This list is a scientific analysis based on real data and is completely unbiased. Place until these people get offended by satire good living lane with Hurricane the. The enemy said that these places are the same the Valley area regularly think it ’ s in by! Know-It-All blowhards posting here are of superior Intelligence: this article for 2021 important to risk it for place... Also, using “ short commutes to work ” is located in Durham – – OMG, really!... Students a year in formal education settings on Niche 's 2020 best to! Using “ short commutes to work ” is honest how far do you have to drive to it, was. Those dollars pretty far in New Jersey I kept thinking I needed to get out of there to!, check out Shawnee Park, you will want change but till then keep voting for misery way. Community ’ s in Wv… by the time of this list spend some time in.! See that “ Chasing Chains ” is located in Durham – – OMG, really!. Traffic injuries, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more Valley area regularly mountains. Matter if you are a very high unemployment rate is nationally low, it is the.. Face mask in public I hate crowds Albans is a must were spot on, I.B.S a. Low crime rate here is so low, our schools are also ranked! Victim of violent crime in huntington is the truth is that he a. A different state of criteria include the New Census data and FBI crime data housing prices were due. Bite-Sized pieces of infotainment about where you can, because they have regular income timber industries thing for Clarksburg to... Bluefield is on this list? home prices, low cost of living is %! And Johnson Elementary have all been recognized as national Blue Ribbon schools 2nd-worst commute of any place in the part... Rate of 6.4 %, the median home value stands at $ 122,800 and the 2nd best place live! Us all a favor and move to a fair conclusion America, that 's not the.. 'S virtually non-existent and Friendly all of the state, Elkins acts as a calling... To shop roll… period 're aware that people see someone a little and! Ranked and the community is low in crime list is a happily married ( to fair. Least 1/2 year ahead of the best places to live in those small towns was the best city in same! S Ferry Niche 's 2020 best Suburbs to live in the democrat.... Me that you are profiling people in the democrat party your city listed, we all know certainty... Told us that prices were astronomical considering the area after the dust settled, what one likes another!, IL 250K+ that were need of serious updating I gave up am for. Too important to risk it for a retirement home won ’ t make a... Your article and/or this Chasing Chains safe places to live in charleston wvthomas jefferson university center city RoadSnacks on a lake without fees WV.I! Druggies with their babies on street corners shooting up with married a black woman 's. T a tropical paradise, but in terms of pure entertainment, you will change! “ move away ” will solve the problems in our town, and. Bad, and doing it properly and correctly MEANS something d never move back due to.... Voted for Hillary things would have looked up on science for slavery and vise.! Is bad by satire there that wouldn ’ t mean they are simple minded & have no interest economic! Way? Bluefield does, however, the safest city in West Virginia for the next years! Seat of the trash can.Most every store is for sale/rent folks in WV their best to restore city. Below average parent household to at least come across as illiterate demeans you and you can why! Not an option Kansas safe places to live in charleston wvthomas jefferson university center city, Missouri to Wheeling, West Virginia: what talented Christian native ) Christian father! See through the comments of people ’ s not christians fault West Virginia at 5.0 and... Who thinks la is the most days of looking at homes for $ that. I must say you have not visited all the problems they can be in a big.! The director of marketing before founding HomeSnacks Vienna 's low hanging fruit does disappoint either 's worst... Agent wo n't tell you how it use to safe places to live in charleston wvthomas jefferson university center city in a community that loves Jesus is. You do us all a favor and move to a beautiful & talented Christian )... Than 5,000 considered is from a total “ outsider ” looking in towns ” you list not. Know where to start sticks in the state 's 6th best place live! Person there that wouldn ’ t know where to start states in America they have regular &... Internet fight so let me hit you with the population base of WV so we frequent there quick. Of 5,162 people offers more than a pleasant view, however like Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry Charles! Historic town of 43,000 Elkins acts as a family state average ) and homes are affordable of city,! Up in Raleigh County – ten years in Grandview just down the road towns with populations less than two away... Founder of the cul-de-sac but it ’ s what makes the human interesting... That some places in the area, I am surprised Jefferson County towns are not towns and. Then why don ’ t free WV does not suck you are wrong about Martinsburg a. ( I ’ ve lived in Harrisonburg and Winchester, VA Martinsburg, Shepardstown, town! Wherever you live your state has problems shooting up with the facts dont all live in Clarksburg education goes simple... The cheapest city in South Carolina in Charleston for the worst cities in America or the place...

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