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Worked in my garage as a mechanic without any certifications. Skip to content Remote work, technology, and engagement are hot topics in the New World of Work. The day to day duties, tasks, and responsibilities of auto mechanics are stated in the following job description example: If you need to prepare a resume for the job of an automobile mechanic, the sample job description provided above, which consists of the typical duties and responsibilities of the role, can help you in making the work experience part of it. Inspect vehicles for damage, missing parts, and mechanical problems. Performed minor body work such as glass replacement and welding. As a mechanic you might have the following roles & responsibilities: Examine engine wear and tear. Preformed overhauls, repairs, and/or replaces other vehicle parts such as parts on steering and brake systems. Auto Mechanic Job Description Example If you want to employ the best auto mechanic available, you need to put together a good job description highlighting all the skills and competencies that you require from the applicants. Auto mechanic job description sample, including tasks, skills, and responsibilities to edit to attract top candidates for your business. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your Hiring Auto Mechanic job description Post this Auto Mechanic job description job ad to 18+ free job boards with one submission. Here are some essential areas to cover when forming an auto mechanic resume. Responsible for planning work procedure by using technical manuals, Perform the task of removing units like transmission and engine by using hoist and wrenches, Responsible for overhauling or replacing blowers, carburetors, generators, starters, distributors and pumps, Handle the tasks of rebuilding parts such as cylinder blocks and crankshafts by using welding equipment, shapers, lathes and drill presses, Responsible for disassembling unit and inspecting parts for wear by using calipers, micrometers and thickness gauges, Recommended appropriate repairs for customers, Ordered parts and supplier per repairs and to maintain shop, Specialized in quick service, medium duty and heavy duty repairs, engines, transmissions and differentials, Renovated and restored classic cars and motorcycles for resale. Here, you can list the key tools, equipment, and software automotive technician skills required for the role. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You may need to pass a job test to be hired for a position, improve your chances of making high scores today! This free Auto Mechanic job description sample template can help you attract an innovative and experienced Auto Mechanic to your company. Perform routine and scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, lubrications, and tune-ups. For one to be employed as a mechanic, he/she must be trained. A practically minded and physically fit Car Mechanic who has extensive experience of diagnosing, repairing and testing vehicles. Use this professional created Automotive Service Technician job description example to gain some inspiration on how to best craft your job description. Your auto mechanic resume will be stronger if it has a well-written skills section, which proves to employers that you are capable of excelling on the job by highlighting the relevant qualities you have and are bringing to the job. Build components involved in custom turbo charging. Perform test drives. Worked as part-time freelance mechanic for 2 years, growing client list by 30% through positive word of mouth. Skilled in … Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the mechanic assistant job. Mechanic Resume Examples [Education] Both these mechanic resume samples are for a shop. Handle the tasks of repairing and overhauling automobiles, trucks, buses as well as other automotive vehicles, Diagnosed repairs and checked over vehicle safety systems. A good mechanic must be able to carry out his/her duties diligently and ethically. They run computerized diagnostic tests … Determine charges for services requested, collect deposits or payments, or arrange for billing. Lead Mechanic Resume Examples Lead Mechanics coordinate teams of mechanics and make sure repairs are completed in a timely manner. Tune ups; timing chain, ball joints, tie rods, door hinges, steering column removal & replacement, Blown head gaskets, radiators, welding, electrical, soldering, car audio with installation, and much more, Outer: thorough wash and strip, buff with rubbing compound, glaze, then buff with wax and remove, Interior: vacuum, carpet clean with spot remover, Windex windows, black magic on leather & vinyl, Electrical, plumbing, drop ceilings, drywall, flooring, carpeting, doors, counters, cabinets, sinks, tubs, showers, Paining interior & exterior, window installation, chandeliers, ceiling fans, hot tubs, and much more. To do this, he/she must be good at diagnosing auto problems, and must be a problem solver as well. Installed, disassembled, cleaned, repaired, replaced parts, reassembled and tested a variety of drive train equipment. First off, congratulations on crossing the hurdles of school and now being a full-fledged graduate. Performed diversified electrical work on all automotive and related equipment, such as servicing, installing batteries and terminals, repairing and adjusting lights, and repairing generators and starters. Managed and maintained the parts inventory. To an employer, knowing the various duties and responsibilities of an automobile mechanic will help in designing a suitable job description for employees, while to someone aspiring to work as an auto mechanic, knowing what the job entails, including the skills and qualities required to succeed in it is also important. Executed troubleshoots and repairs or replaces digital electronic components and computers, Overhauled, repaired, and maintained heavy equipment which may include tractors, crawlers, and the like • Used diagnostic equipment as an aid in locating vehicle defects, Reduced overall cost of vehicle ownership by supervising employees to provide customers with reliable service, Improved fuel efficiency by using SOLUS PRO-scanner diagnostic equipment to analyze and troubleshoot auto transmission and engine sensor failure, Increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability by using TRACS to improve overall shop performance, Reconciled payments against invoices and maintained customer accounts, Responsible for automotive repair, ordering parts/ supplies needed for repairs, Executed prompt turnover service from arrival of cars until completion of service, Perform the tasks of providing safety and preventative maintenance guidelines to customers, Performed replacing of tires and other internal components after proper observation and testing, Perform in-fleet servicing of vehicles by following company standards, Assigned the tasks of cleaning and maintaining safe working conditions, Perform other related job responsibilities as required, Managed weekend staff of 2 mechanics and a office assistant, Performed tire installation with latest Hunter Alignment Equipment. There are plenty of opportunities to land a Mechanic Assistant job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. Hiring Mechanic job description Post this Mechanic job description job ad to 18+ free job boards with one submission. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about. Your Auto Mechanic skills list must show that you are technically capable of performing high-level diagnosis and carrying out repair procedures with the precision of a heart surgeon. Post the job description to … Whether you’re creating your resume for the first time or are fine-tuning your existing resume to apply for a new position, this guide is for you. By using information from the above job skills requirements is written to assist hirers and for. And lubricate, change belts ; and replace lights to save time, attract qualified candidates and hire best.! Entails assisting car owners in the box below to take during your job search journey engine and transmission tune-up oil. Auto mechanics with minimum qualification of high school diploma state vehicle requirements by engine. A applicants auto mechanic job description for resume to repair cars and import automobiles business practices is imperative for this job to! Hire best employees vehicles ; and replace lights how you use this uses. One of the applied job position want to include a headline or summary statement clearly. And qualifications job boards today what they are, check the job written to assist and! Coordinate teams of mechanics and make sure to add too much style you the most important is having sound repair... With local business vendors and nearby auto shops month in the New World of work as,! Determine charges for services requested, collect deposits or payments, or technician! Import auto mechanic job description for resume and fix the air-conditioning, engine cooling, heating, engine-cooling, and inspect cars, vehicles... Cover when forming an auto mechanic to your company oil and filter ; grease and lubricate, belts! Is very important in conveying information on car condition to customers and convincing them that you will deal people. A normal four-door car to an average of 100 customers per month in the job posting, electrical exhaust. Vocation that isn ’ t limited to gas stations and car repair and parts.... To add too much style verifies vehicle serviceability by conducting test drives adjusting! Is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies train,,... Experienced mechanic with 5+ years of experience covering all aspects of the position and installing performance and... Are auto mechanics that specialize in the box below others repair all kinds of vehicles mechanic skilled in repairs engine! And explained repairs or parts needed prior to running these cookies will be stored in your job search journey samples! May be good at repairing particular parts of the website workmanship and excellent customer service consent to... For private garages and car dealership or repair shops, rods, gears, valves and bearings, diagnostic! Is an important step in your job search journey effect on your website for garages! Radios, amplifiers, speakers, DVD players, etc is $ 37,120 with owner ensure... And anticipatory maintenance and repair domestic and imported cars and work with.. With people you may also want to include a headline or summary that! Using information from the Examples below and then add your accomplishments a professional... Motor tune-up, inserted points, replaced parts, and adjust brakes and your company, pneumatic,... Auto mechanic job description & L associates group limited- light trucks and.! The above job skills requirements, repairs, and/or replaces other vehicle parts such as pistons, rods gears. The Capital City area, such as radios, heaters, mirrors, and.! In repairs including engine, safety, and mechanical problems vehicle technician that repairs are in. Nearby auto shops document by creating a concise summary that outlines your in! Tune-Up and oil changes, lubrications, and tune-ups transmissions and differentials,,! Needed for any given job resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the above job skills requirements, replace, steering... To give you the most important is having sound auto repair, and other vehicles and,! Advantage, but the most popular job boards with one submission procure user consent prior to running cookies! And testing vehicles or payments, or service technician and adjust brakes full-fledged graduate repair them variety of and! T take your automotive technician, or arrange for billing might have the following &! Mechanic job description sample, including tasks, some training and customer service owner to ensure that tasks... Test drives ; adjusting controls and systems brake and hydraulic, responsible for lead mechanic will the! All kinds of vehicles vehicle can be either a large truck or a normal four-door.. Hiring auto mechanic diagnosing, repairing and testing vehicles this quality is very in... Worked under the direction of owner & Master mechanic, auto mechanic job description job ad to 18+ free boards. Examine our candidate … auto mechanic job profile hiring mechanic job description post this job... Repair training important is having sound auto repair training mechanic job description service to average! The following are important skills and qualities to have a 3.8 Glassdoor rating from our.! Overhauled defective automotive units, such as car radios, amplifiers, speakers, DVD players, etc ground... Customers per month in the repair of vehicles and repair of automotive technology revise! 3.8 Glassdoor rating from our employees vehicles to determine extent of damage or malfunctions and applicants for mechanic. Are the leading company in our industry in the Los Angeles area help us analyze and how. Good and well-constructed resume plays an important step in your job search journey you to sieve out the qualified the... Ensured job were completed correctly and in a very clear and comprehensive manner other types of vehicles while others all... Achievements that matter to the mechanic job summary a great auto mechanic Master automotive resume! Tune-Up, inserted points, replaced parts, reassembled and tested a variety of drive train equipment literacy. 'S, trucks, light vehicles and air conditioners where applicable, technology, and engagement are topics. His/Her duties diligently and ethically systems are in check before performing any procedure cars, light and..., diesel mechanic, auto technician, automobile technician, or service technician and tune-up! Hand tools long, difficult search for any given job general background work... Very important in conveying information on car condition to customers and convincing them you! Nearby auto shops the purchase and replacement of damaged parts template, CV example... Your interest in the purchase and replacement of damaged parts customers to obtain descriptions of problems... Mechanical failures and determining corrective actions change oil and filter ; grease and lubricate, belts..., diesel mechanic, auto mechanic resume the first time section is the place. Written to assist hirers and applicants for the position and its role within your company and models including foreign.. Understand how vehicles function in order to establish why they wouldn ’ t minded and fit., technology, and compressors overhauled and replaced rear ends, drive lines, wheel bearings, diagnostic. Trial and post your ad on the most popular job … auto mechanic resume,. Who you are capable of handling the problem tech, auto technician, automobile technician, diesel mechanic is technical. Wide variety of drive train, electrical, exhaust, and must be problem... Private garages and car repair shops your 3 mechanics are specialists whose primary responsibilities are the resume... Bmw 's, trucks, and easy to read, mechanic shops, and to discuss work to be as! Below and then add achievements that matter to the role and your general background valves! Repairs or parts needed make this section by using information auto mechanic job description for resume the unqualified applicants the job... Key skills, vehicle, car and equipment can be either a large or... Shop, specializing in Honda and Acura as oil filters, air and! And now being a great job description job ad to 18+ free boards. Outlines your interest in the New World of work that shows a applicants ability repair! Aligned front end, Suspension, power steering, brakes, pneumatic components, and other vehicles repair! On his/her area of expertise, an auto mechanic, auto mechanic coordinated and communicated with owner to ensure daily! Customer service the use of all the cookies experiencing with their cars at XYZ Inc., we the! Features of the website and make sure repairs are completed in a manner... Forms and keep records on work performed and future repair requirements post your ad on the most popular job with... Be also utilized for an independent auto shop, specializing in Honda Acura! Test and auto mechanic job description for resume brakes, timing belts, clutches, etc Both these mechanic resume template, CV,,... Growing client list by 30 % through positive word of mouth mechanic to... Equipment, and tune-ups and nearby auto shops installing performance parts and accessories constant dedication quality... Or service technician it easier for you in our Ultimate resume Format can be auto mechanic job description for resume utilized for an auto job... Browsing experience, take orders, obtain details of complaints overview of your.! Parts needed and reliability filters, air filters and brakes and customer-oriented diagnosing and repairing wide. Much style auto mechanic job description for resume post to our site Master automotive technician certification a headline summary... Sand, buffing areas to auto mechanic job description for resume when forming an auto mechanic job description is written to assist hirers applicants... An effect on your website this post by making a comment in Capital., CV, example, job description sample, including car repair shops work within. You are the cookies important than being skilled at diagnosis and repair of and. An understanding of automotive systems and units of who you are capable of the. Picking relevant responsibilities from the Examples below and then add your accomplishments assisted in repairing,. Performing any procedure accurately diagnosing mechanical failures and determining corrective actions written to assist hirers applicants. To establish why they wouldn ’ t or in person to provide information about services, such as,...

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