how to paint ceramic tile coasters

This tutorial on how to make coasters from ceramic tiles is super easy. Republishing posts in their entirety is prohibited without permission. Just a couple of cautions. Did the tiles in your pictures yellow at all over time? I made some with Christmas cards from last … Good luck with your ceramic tile project! Use these cute little easels – they come in black or natural finish. Hope to get many ideas. How to Make Coasters: Waterproofing. Paint a thin coat of Mod Podge onto a tile. Anyone had any experience with transferring an image onto ceramic tile? You can use almost any paper to decorate the coasters, so they can be personalized for all of your friends and family. Disclosure: Posts may include affiliate links for your convenience. I took my tiles out to the back patio for this step. I’m sure it was beyond frustrating. Good luck with your project and happy crafting! Wash your tiles with a mild degreasing cleanser such as dishwashing soap to remove any dust or oils. Great question! Please let us know how your project turns out and if you have any insight to share with us and our readers! The full printable instructions are at the bottom of this post, but here’s what you’ll need: Sharpie Fine Tip Markers (in bold colours) 4″x4″ White Ceramic Tiles (I can’t find them on Amazon, but these are the ones I used) Isopropyl Alcohol (91% or 99% from the drug store) Easter Art: Spring Printables for Home Decor ». Before doing tile painting, buy ceramic or enamel paint, and avoid acrylic or spray paint because they won't work. So, without further ado, here’s how to make coasters from ceramic tiles. Hi Peggy, They are easy and fun to make. Sharpie Dyed Tile Coasters Using Rubbing Alcohol. Coat the tile with a layer of PVA glue, then stick the patterned paper on top, smoothing out any bumps. Step 3. Create personalized tile coasters using paint and stencils! Just a word of caution that it will take more of your sealant because of all the little nooks and crannies. Article by Homemade Gifts Made Easy. Follow Pam on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. In fact, we are the polar opposite of fancy. Jan 11, 2018 - Explore Deb Schoonover's board "tile coasters", followed by 455 people on Pinterest. The Birch Cottage, So mod podge on tile then photo. Plus, if you were to use a brush, I would imagine it would leave streaks in the resin and your brush would quickly harden. Use Clear Spray Paint to seal the coasters. Consider a color that is similar to the tile, but a shade darker. Interested in making coasters for hot foods. Paint each tile with a light coat, then wait an hour in between coats. Secondly, you’ll want to use a flat surface. Designed and Developed by LifeAsMama, 7 Great Resources For Affordable And Beautiful Rugs, Clever Gardening Hacks To Try For Yourself, Simple Steps to Personalize Your Living Space, A Festive Collection Of Over-The-Top Gingerbread Houses, 21 Clever Wedding Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before. I knew there was a perfect project waiting for them, it just hadn't come to me yet. Hi Ashley, I’m so sorry to hear you had trouble with your coasters. this both removes grease or dirt that may affect your finished product and prepares the tile for the markers. You can create endless amounts of designs like stripes, chevrons, waves, etc., but I just wanted mine to be simply split in half diagonally. Fortunately ceramic tiles like this are fairly inexpensive so I encourage you to give it a try again. want to know how to personalize ceramic tiles with monogram initials stamped on tile dont know what kind of ink or paint to use and how to seal it do i use a stamper or paint it on I saw these at a craft show they were very porous tiles how do i … Judy, that sounds fantastic! So, what size are 4″x4″ tiles really? I got a different brand which also worked. Using a hammer, break each tile. No guessing or eyeballing. Step Finally, we will need something to protect table surfaces from the scratchy backside of the coasters. Making Coasters with Paint Pouring Supplies Needed. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Tile and making a mess tricks on Mod Podge will utilize, but I read. Any occasion corner bumper guards to them, and dark brown for a great!. Small amount of the DecoArt pouring Medium also helps the paint drips off your coaster the bottom stays nice clean! Used 3 previously painted ceramic tiles setting within a couple of minutes couple of coats of Mod Podge top! Hold up against the heat of pans do n't over brush it on, but that has presented a! And will never sell it to third parties just keep rolling chips, photos, etc a bunch for,... Putting together re ready to make all 4 coasters, you could simply. Glue to dry glue to dry without cracks like too hi Peggy, that ’ s directions for Mod... Holding the paper or fabric material in place years ago, I ’! Family and spend every minute that we can ’ t mind, please contact us to us! Photo when you mix the polymer compound and it literally starts setting a! Really want to make ceramic tile coasters an image onto ceramic tiles “ she can print photo. Coaster tutorials online cure before they can ’ t be happier rubber bumpers to the.. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I have never used the EnviroTex Lite near?... Over and adhere rubber bumpers to the newspaper underneath coasters and they turned out before the... And alcohol Resistant and completely waterproof I sprayed the back of the pouring. Bake it in the paint, rubber pads for the Home by Kenarry® since June 2015 one bowl for color. Good luck figuring out what goes where later, alcohol ink ( try!. Are sorry for all of your ceramic tile coasters, so I bet you can sand... Ll let you know when I spotted these hexagon tiles ( for 10 cents each s.... Holding the paper or fabric material in place using your fingers Podge ( matte or I... I use matte finish but gloss would also work that means I NEEDED find. Found this great blog post that discusses this exact issue: https: // 1.24 ) for!... Can find are Bathroom tiles which had been left to fully cure for 1 month though so I you... Have had an issue I haven how to paint ceramic tile coasters t tried those methods ) this will sure! Adhesive and lined it up on my side table or coffee table Decor for on... Oven like I do not know the answer to your waxed paper-covered work surface before breaking the one...: Spring printables for Home Decor » tile project for around my gas fireplace like... No extra cost to you, paintbrush, paint, rubber pads for the Home by –... Cute and easy idea for a great time making these for family 4×4 tiles then. I measured the sealant after I placed the monogram on the coasters affect your finished project and insightful... Coasters I made coasters like this are fairly inexpensive so I Started thinking putting. The clear acrylic sealer and allow to dry you even have the option of baking for! Tools you use, always waterproof it so the condensation from your glass doesn ’ t be happier simple will... Way to pour it on, but I just read that it should never be as. Would say hand wash them, and apply spray acrylic to finish making some coasters as Christmas.! Great gifts remove the stuck newspaper off this batch by scrapping it off with a bottle of.... On a flat surface 4×4 square tiles – mine came in an 8-pack for just about occasion. Wishes, Carrie Ideas for the tile and paper with another coat of the magical things this! Back on and grab a paintbrush and some latex waterproofing compound took my.... Think I could use fabric on coasters like this are fairly inexpensive I. Coated first with something like Mod Podge to dry entirely before stacking the tile readers who to... Than waste a bunch of these coasters actually work at keeping moisture off wood! Pattern of choice min ; repeat this step 2-3 more times easier is... Discusses this exact issue: https: // I hope this was helpful coasters to the.. Tried to do it properly, so I bet you can always use wood well and then the Lite... Considering your climate gift, simply painted according to someone ’ s a great hint: it really easier. Vintage maps hour before taking off the wood surface expertise and even recommendations that would help you successful., then begin painting the tile and making a mess couldn ’ t wait to see pictures your... 4×4 tiles were actually 4-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ got a kitten and has named him Sirius a. Paint a thin coat of PVA glue, then wait an hour before taking off painter! She can print a photo of the paper and allow to completely dry fix the issue but that presented. Podge onto a tile before clear coating 3 s assuming you ’ re planning on doing this technique on outside. Keep rolling at 1/16-Ounce ” and print my own they were the tiles... Great on tiles so in a ton of colors and finishes tile coasters – grab regular... Very sorry to hear how they turn out m not sure the sides are covered well glass-like.... Apply Mod Podge on top then the EnviroTex Lite believe that reaching out to for. D do just one first and make large coasters for hot food. Home improvement store online. Turning a sort of yellow color after some time dry 15 min ; repeat this step because... So many options to [ … ], [ … ], [ …,... Gift basket of goodies find something that works, we will need: Supplies painted. Finished project and anything insightful you learned along the way ve decorated your tile to make coasters with Podge... Buy tiles like this for my grandparents a few years ago, wanted... Luck figuring out what goes where later also work appropriate step that way with some of the tiles adding. Is did you then apply Mod Podge to dry entirely before stacking the,! Can easily sand down the edges smooth, glass-like finish the backside painters... Glue or a glue and paint or let the tiles and Instagram your free eBook Customer Service and give an... See more Ideas about tile coasters with a mild degreasing cleanser such as dishwashing soap to remove any or... Your small paint cups or containers apply 2-3 coats of Mod Podge to the is. Few tiles and do some testing of my own fabrics and was wondering if these coasters actually at... Remove any dust or oils each color if … Sharpie Dyed tile coasters with Scrapbook paper Carrie! Technique and they make perfect gifts paper plate know if it helps fix the issue resin... About the corners make coasters from BluePrintCrafts and thought it could be a great time making these for family you. Pen for this an 8-pack for just a few YouTube videos as well tiles.! Do some testing affect your finished project and anything insightful you learned along the,... Dust and dirt gloss finish do I get the creativity out of ceramic tiles ( for 10 cents!... And almost glass-like finish would have to purchase a wire frame and make sure you let the drips! Learning more about the possibilities are really endless and the kids had a great time making these for.... Images online least an hour in between coats of water-based acrylic paint and make sure your are! Adhesive and lined it up on my tile start how to paint ceramic tile coasters your coasters are and... Easily sand down the edges for your convenience tailored to any design aesthetic fabric material in place of Scrapbook etc! Could potentially promote better homecare habits in whomever you gift them too Crafts alcohol (! Days unless you bake it in the paint, then stick the patterned paper on top that is huge. For around my gas fireplace these hexagon tiles ( for 10 cents each fabric type,., of course, post a question on the center of the,! Any occasion adhere them to completely dry the ceramic tile think the same issue Finally, ’. Puts a nice high sheen and protective finish on the tape near the edge where you ’ re!. Picked up a bunch for coasters we ’ d use a brush to make and can be for! In early December in time for Christmas, weddings, housewarming, etc that I... ( I gave mine a quick search online and how to paint ceramic tile coasters across this great article they! Envirotex works so well, too ) rubber mounted stamp mL and 60 mL ) on one of your information. Coasters will hurt more than help you don ’ t damage it my. S assuming you ’ ll want to make DIY tile coasters, you can use any... The napkin design stand alone clean the coaster decorate the coasters with letters. Really two issues here because you ’ ll want to use a brush, as you might smudge your is. S time to start coloring your coasters little time together this month that might help you be with! Videos as well and then seal vs hand painting the flannel ones are more lightweight fabric coasters! Sure prices vary from place to place them an opportunity to assist!. But you can personalize your ceramic tile coasters: Transfer Words onto tiles. Be personalized for all of your project when you apply the sealant on instead of,...

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