If you’ve ever been away from home for a few days and don’t know how to manage your cats’ meals, you’ve probably thought about purchasing a cat food dispenser. Read automatic cat feeder reviews. Also called “pet feeders”, they are automated bowls that can regulate the flow of food into the bowl, also setting times, quantities, and more. These automatic cat food dispensers are spreading more and more, thanks to the advancement of technology and lower prices.

Obviously, the advice is not to leave the cat alone for many days, and in any case rely on a trusted person to come and check, while you are away, if everything is okay, also because you never know that the kibble dispenser will blockages, and there are problems in feeding the cat.

Why use an automatic cat food dispenser

The cat food dispenser can be useful, as we said if we are away from home for a few days, and we want the cat food to keep intact and be dispensed at predetermined doses, without the risk of the cat gorging immediately and not leave more food for the next few days.

The dispensers for cats can be useful even if we have overweight cats, in order to provide the right ration of food every day without having to weigh it, but also if we want to give the right daily dose of kibble every day to our cats, without having to weigh them. every day.

Types of cat food dispensers

There are dry food dispensers for cats, which are the most common since kibble has fewer deterioration problems, but there are also wet cat food dispensers, these are automatic bowls that deliver food to the cat at set times and quantities.

Another distinction that we can make between types of cat food dispensers is that between “drop” dispensers and “pop-up” dispensers.
In the former, the gravity-fed ones, the food is dropped into the bowl below at pre-set intervals, so they are dispensers more suitable for kibble, not for wet food.
The second category is the pop-up category, which are automatic cat bowls that make food appear when we set the timer.

In this article we will focus on electronic dispensers, those for which the presentation of the meal can be set automatically, at intervals that we decide, and we will not deal with the classic kibble dispensers that you just have to fill and leave them to the cat, and kibble they fall by themselves from above.

There are also cat food dispensers that also have an integrated water bowl, but I have already told you about automatic cat water dispensers.
Let’s see in detail some models of cat food dispensers, and see the differences and prices.

Amzdeal automatic kibble dispenser for cats

Let’s start with this model of automatic cat food dispenser that you find on Amazon.
It can contain about 3kg of croquettes, it is possible to set from one to 3 meals a day via the LDC monitor that tells you the portions, the number of meals, the time, etc.
It is powered by 3 batteries, which last about 3 months, so it is not tied to the household current, with the risk that it will be missing while you are away.

It can also record your voice and have it repeat 3 times for each meal, calling the cat to the meal.

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